Different from the inspection for consumer products, industrial product inspection is PPI, DPI and PSI for large or medium scale industrial electro-mechanical equipments or monitoring-testing equipments. IceGO possesses professional engineer team to offer technical consultancy and inspection service to reduce your purchasing risk. 

Industrial inspection services involve:

Manufacturing process inspection
The manufacturing processes for electromechanical equipments or monitoring equipments need strict control. That is because the potential problems for those equipments generally may not be easily found by subsequent inspection or may happen lately in use due to the complex nature of these equipments. IceGO will continuously or periodically monitor the whole manufacturing process according to the technical specifications and technological requirements.
Our duty:
  Check key parts and electronic components;
 Evaluate the workers’ operation and in process inspection;
 Verify validation of key or special process and parameter control;
 Monitor the manufacturing schedule.
Pre-shipment inspection 

Pre-shipmen inspection for industrial electro-mechanical equipments and monitoring-testing equipments is a comprehensive inspection service according to the technical standards before delivery.

Our duty:
 Workmanship check and dimensional inspection;
 Working state test;
 Key parameter check and main performance index check;
 Completeness check of accessories and manual;
 Packaging check.

Loading supervision 
To minimize tremendous economic risk due to transportation damage, main attention is paid for reliability evaluation for the fixing means and loading way of equipments and their components based on different transportation requirements for different equipments.

 Our duty:
 Check the container condition;
 Verify the equipments , their components and accessories and their quantity;
 Closely monitor the loading process. Ensure proper handling and fixing of the goods in the container;
 As soon as the inspection is finished, the container will be sealed with the shipping line seal. And seal number is recorded in the loading report.